The Flame and the Blade

Vethe Scarvian is a direct descendant of Lord Valrion, the man who almost destroyed humanity.

And that plus a couple of coppers will buy him another beer.

Vethe has no use for his once-noble family’s dubious legacy. He’s spent his entire life using his illegal wildmage talents to scrape together enough coin to buy his sister admittance into The Citadel before her extraordinary magical gifts can destroy her like they destroyed Vethe’s mother.

When his aunt reveals the existence of a long-lost betrothal agreement buried somewhere the ruins of Lord Valrion’s stronghold in the Demon Forest, Vethe is only interested in how much money the noblewoman betrothed to him would be willing to pay to escape that contract.

He just has to find the contract first.

Lyria Guardia let her family down three years ago.

Gods help her, it will never happen again.

After a crushing betrayal by the man she’d built her life around, Lyria abandons her promising career with the Adventurers’ Guild and returns, humiliated and heartbroken, to work in the venerable Guard’s Guild that her family has run for hundreds of years. Desperate to prove herself to her five brothers, Lyria is determined to do her very best on whatever assignment she’s given.

Even if that assignment involves dragging a spoiled noble brat through the Demon Forest in search of a mysterious missing contract…

The Flame and the Blade is free in Kindle Unlimited!

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